Norv Turner says Bridgewater should have been a top 10 pick


Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner believes the team got a steal when it drafted quarterback Teddy Bridgewater at the end of the first round.

Turner told that he believes Bridgewater should have been a top 10 pick in the NFL Draft this spring.

"I think he probably should have gone in the first 10 picks," said Turner. "We were sitting there with an opportunity to get him when we did. It was a bonus to me."

Bridgewater, who was at Louisville, was thought by many to be the top quarterback in the draft immediately after the college football season. But in the lead up to the draft he slipped, and on draft night, the Vikings selected him with the last pick in the first round.

According to, Bridgewater's drop had a lot to do with his miserable pro-day workout. But Turner has been quite pleased with what he has seen from Bridgewater.

"We got a great player with the ninth pick and then to come back and get a quarterback with a great upside, it was really great for this organization."

Turner has been optimistic about the Vikings quarterback situation since he was hired as the team's offensive coordinator.

"I am excited about the position, because we have talent and we have depth," Turner said. "I told the offensive guys early when we got together that we are sitting here with two quarterbacks that have won 10 games and taken teams to the playoffs, and we have a young guy that's exciting to be around."

But Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel led the Vikings to a 5-10-1 record last season. According to Pro Football Talk, if Bridgewater isn't good enough to start ahead of both of them, Vikings fans would be disappointed.

The Vikings report to training camp in Mankato on Thursday, and practice begins on Friday.

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