Not a chance in hell LeBron joins the Wolves... right, Vegas?

We had to do a double take when we saw this, too.

Believe me, I had to do some digging before I jumped in and started writing about this LeBron James to Minnesota thing. 

First, there's zilch happening between LeBron and Wolves, but with Cleveland's season being a shell of what is was supposed to be and LeBron about to become an unrestricted free agent next summer, the oddsmakers in Las Vegas are pushing out chances for each team to land him. 

Yes, the Wolves are among the leading destinations. According to Bovada, here's how the odds stack up. 

  1. Rockets: 5/2
  2. Cavaliers: 11/4
  3. Lakers: 5/1
  4. Warriors: 6/1
  5. Pistons and 76ers: 10/1
  6. Wolves: 12/1
  7. Spurs: 14/1
  8. Bucks: 15/1
  9. Knicks: 16/1

H/T to our old pal Declan Goff for pointing out this crazy talk. 

You can place your bets if you'd like, but anyone with a half a brain knows there's no way in hell LeBron dons a T-Wolves jersey next season. 

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