Olbermann tabs Twins marketing department as 'World's Worst'

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It was an honest question that backfired hard on the Minnesota Twins marketing department.

Some people think relating a team destined to lose 90 games for a fourth consecutive season to nice or really nice cars was a bad idea. HardballTalk.com's Aaron Gleeman said the Twins marketing department came across as "tone deaf."

And then NBC's Keith Olbermann caught wind of the question. Check out the video above for his full review, but the talking head did a pretty good job of holding in his laughter while ripping the team's marketing department, calling them the "World's Worst."

Olbermann made note of the consecutive 90-loss seasons and referenced Minnesota's baseball ineptitude since last winning the World Series in 1991. The car he thought best resembles the Twins?

A Yugo.

"Boxy, underpowered, tough to watch, unsuccessful on the road and not bought by anybody in this country since 1992," Olbermann said.

For the record, we don't think the Twins marketing department is the worst. They support cancer research.

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