On ESPN, ex-NBA player says Towns 'needs to get out of Minnesota'

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Former Detroit Pistons bad boy John Salley joined ESPN's Mike Greenberg on the radio today, and three minutes of their three-hour show was spent bashing Minnesota.

Greenberg simply asked Salley if he thinks NBA Rookie of the Year, Wolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns, is the "future of the NBA?

Salley: "I'm not going to go too far away from that. I'm going to agree with you," Salley started out before adding: "I think he needs to get out of Minnesota. He and (Andrew) Wiggins need to get out of Minnesota. No one's gonna really be a fan of that."

Greenberg: Why even have a team in Minnesota?

Salley: "I said the same thing. When it's freezing cold and we had to go from building to building through a tube, I said, 'why are we in Minnesota? Well it's a great sports town – it's a great football town.' But I don't think the league is gonna go and buy Wolves jerseys."

Greenberg: Can Towns make them buy jerseys?

Salley: "No. He can't."

What does Salley think Towns needs?

"I think he needs to be in a place that literally gets more TV time, and the NBA is more focused on – and those are the teams on the coast," Salley said.

Note to John Salley, the following players were among the top 15 jersey sales as of Jan. 20, via NBA.com.

  • LeBron James - Cleveland
  • Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City
  • Kevin Durant - Oklahoma City
  • Paul George - Indiana
  • Anthony Davis - New Orleans

Listen back to the interview here. The bashing begins right around the 37-minute mark.






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