On this day in 1903 ...


The Minnesota Gophers and Michigan Wolverines football teams play to a 6-6 tie, snapping Michigan's 29 game winning streak.

The favored Wolverines were dubbed the "point a minute" team, having not lost since coach Fielding H. Yost took over in 1901, but the Gophers, also undefeated at the time, held them to six points in front of 20,000 at Northrop Field.

The game had to be called with two minutes remaining because fans stormed the field in anticipation of Minnesota ending Michigan's 2 1/2 season win streak.

After the game, custodian Oscar Munson came across a five-gallon jug in the Michigan locker room left behind by Yost and delivered it to the U of M's athletic department.

Enthused by the tie as well as the object that could commemorate the day, department head L.J. Cooke painted the score on the jug, hanging it in his office until 1909, the first time Yost faced the Gophers since 1903. Yost had a meeting with Cooke in his office before the game, where he saw the jug.

At that meeting, the two decided that the jug would be awarded to the winner. It is the oldest trophy series in FBS history.

The two have met exactly 100 times since the trophy's inception, with Michigan leading the series with 74 wins, while the Gophers have logged 23 victories, and the other three games ending in a tie.

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