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St. Cloud State second baseman Kent Koch is sworn in as mayor of Loretto, Minnesota.

Believed to be the youngest mayor in the country and only college student to also hold the top post of a town, Koch ran against last-minute write-in Tom Beusekom, who served as the town's mayor in the 1980s.

Koch, a Loretto native, came out on top and accepted the position in the 650-person, western Hennepin County town. The day prior to him being sworn in, the 23-year-old started baseball practice for the Huskies.

He would go on to start 29 games for SCSU that season, and 38 his senior season of 2011.

After concluding his first term as mayor in 2012, the incumbent would win a second term, defeating city councilman Clark Lohr by garnering 80 percent (320 votes) of the vote.

He maintains the post to this day.

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