On this day in 2011...and 1983...

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In Michigan Football Head Coach Brady Hoke's first career Big Ten game at the helm for the Wolverines, the Gophers were pounded 58-0 by Michigan in The Big House.

The Gophers went on to win just three games in 2011, while Michigan lost only to Michigan State and Iowa on their way to a BCS appearance, an Allstate Sugar Bowl overtime win over #11 Virginia Tech.

Not only that, 1983 was home to more Gopher catastrophe, when they got slaughtered by Ohio State 69-18, turning the ball over seven times.

October 1, the day the Gophers get crushed.

This Saturday, the Gophers travel to Michigan for the first time since their harbinger of disaster two years ago, a 2:30 kickoff against the Wolverines.

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