One-eyed rapper has advice for Vikings coach Mike Zimmer

Fetty Wap is a one-eyed rapper and he has some advice for Vikings coach Mike Zimmer.
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What's the first thing a TMZ Sports reporter would ask one-eyed rapper Fetty Wap if they ran into him at an airport?

Got any advice for Mike Zimmer? Yep. That's what this TMZ reporter did – and Fetty Wap's response is actually pretty funny.

"Tell him to come holla at me," Wap said. "I'll show him how to get right with one eye. Tell him to come holla at me."

Zimmer is scheduled to undergo a fifth procedure on his right eye in the coming weeks. He wasn't able to coach Minnesota's nationally televised game against the Dallas Cowboys after undergoing an emergency procedure to repair a detached retina, and he's been coaching the last two games with a protective patch over the eye.

Zimmer hasn't lost vision, but if he does, Wap says Zimmer won't have any trouble continuing to coach.

"I can still play football. I just gotta play left field," Wap joked.

By the way, Wap is one hell of a pianist.

.@fettywap out here killing them keys

— HotNewHipHop (@HotNewHipHop) December 19, 2016

Credit: TMZ

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