One player termed Leslie Frazier's handling of Josh Freeman a 'debacle'

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Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier is gone, and plenty of players have come out in support of their former coach and lobbied for the third-year head man to stay.

But just because players liked Leslie doesn't mean they always agreed with his decisions.

After Frazier's firing, anonymous players called his handling of quarterback Josh Freeman a "debacle", saying the situation left them "confused."

Freeman was signed by Minnesota after his release from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in early October, and he started against the New York Giants just two weeks later.

The game went horribly, leading some to assess Freeman's performance as the worst in the modern-stat era.

Freeman was then deactivated for the majority of the Vikings remaining games, a move that left many scratching their heads, and others ripping the organization for investing in Freeman in the first place.

While some believed that Freeman was a plan for the future, a recent article suggests otherwise, with players stating the practices were a mess with Freeman under center, with sourcing suggesting that Freeman would show up late on game days and get out of the stadium as soon as possible after games.

While it can't be assumed the Freeman situation directly led to Frazier's firing, it certainly couldn't have helped, especially if Freeman now moves on having only played one game in purple.

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