Orioles fire back at Twins: 'You just want us to roll over?'

Brian Dozier got mad at the Orioles for bunting in the ninth inning.
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Baseball's unwritten, ancient rules are once again in the limelight after Twins second baseman Brian Dozier criticized the Orioles for bunting for a hit while trailing the Twins 7-0 in the ninth inning on Sunday. 

But here's the deal: Baltimore's Chance Sisco only bunted because the Twins put a shift on him to try and take away his chance of getting a hit. 

So, yes, the Twins are mad because the Orioles kept trying to win. 

As ESPN's Sean Miller wrote, "I think we all agree that Dozier and the Twins were acting like 11-year-olds." 

“When they didn’t hold our runner on, they conceded to the fact they didn’t want us to steal, so we didn’t steal,” Dozier said of a ninth inning situation in which the Twins could've easily had Ryan LaMarre steal second base with a seven run lead.

Dozier's logic has Baltimore catcher Caleb Joseph confused. 

"One of my unwritten rules would be, don’t shift a guy in the ninth inning," he told the Baltimore Sun, while later adding: "You just want us to roll over?"

Joseph said he'd understand the complaint if the bunt broke up a no-hitter or a shutout, but if the Twins are allowed to keep playing with strategy, then so can they. 

Orioles manager Buck Showalter also thinks Dozier's logic makes no sense.

"Are you like not allowed to throw changeups when you are up 6-0? Like where does it stop?" he told the Sun. 

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