Other markets may be bigger, but Minnesota fans are better

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File this in the "one analytics firm's opinion" category if you'd like, but here in Minnesota, we'll file it in the "we are awesome and the big cities are not" classification.

According to Emory Sports Marketing Analytics, in a report obtained by Michael Rand of the Star Tribune, Minneapolis ranks third in fan support of the 12 cities in the United States with all four professional sports.

Numbers one and two are Boston and Philadelphia, though Santa would likely disagree on the latter, with Minneapolis falling in line after the City of Brotherly Love.

You may have noticed both New York and Chicago, along with a score of other cities outside of flyover country are not in the top three. That's right, we're sweet.

ESMA's explanation for Minneapolis ranking so highly are fans allegiances to all of the state's teams, rather than picking and choosing who to support based on performance.

In other words, you Minnesotans, are true fans. A round of applause on this end goes out to you.

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