Overpaid? Vikings Carlson: 'That's impressive'


The Forbes list of the most overpaid football players in the NFL has been getting plenty of local attention, mainly because two Vikings topped that list, pro bowl fullback Jerome Felton and backup tight end John Carlson.

The attention being paid is apparently outside the locker room only, as the two Vikings that were included by Forbes are clearly not interested, and even amused in hearing about such things.

Carlson had the most quotable moment on the subject to USA Today's Tom Pelissero: "That's impressive, two people on the same team."

Felton hopped on the AP for history bandwagon, joking that All Day can do it himself: "If I can stay out of his way, hopefully he can get 2,500 yards, according to Forbes."

Easy to laugh off such criticism as a pro bowler, according to us.

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