Packers are most likable team in the NFL, Vikings are in 'meh territory'

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You know you're at the end of the football break when publications start ranking teams based on likability. The Vikings report to training camp on Thursday, and according to USA Today, they'll go into camp as the 17th most likable team in the NFL.

Check out the paper's full likability rankings right here.

Number one on the list? Yes ... it's the Green Bay Packers, but the theory that "everyone likes the Packers" is very wrong.

"Unless you’re a Bears fan, everyone loves the Packers — a massive feat considering how consistently good they are. The small town, rich in history, publicly-owned franchise represents the best of sports, all while Aaron Rodgers’ scintillating ability makes them so much fun to watch. It’s hard to argue this team belongs anywhere other than first on this list."

Here's what it said about the Vikings: "Safe to say, we’re firmly in “meh” territory right now."

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