Pair of McDonald's mixups leaves some Vikings fans, coach wondering


Is it nothing more than a "McMixup," or are members of the nation's largest fast-food chain trying to send a message to the Minnesota Vikings?

Following Minnesota's 38-7 loss to Seattle and Green Bay's last-second win over Detroit – which has the bitter rivals locked in a tie atop the NFC North – a pair of instances this week might leave the average Vikings fan wondering.

A suburban Twin Cities McDonald's was using promotional cups with a Green Bay Packers logo this week. Packers News reports the cups were apparently mistakenly shipped to the McDonald's, but the restaurant honored the promotion anyway.

The Star Tribune's Michael Rand did some digging and was told that a shipping error was to blame for the mixup. The promotion called for customers to receive a free breakfast sandwich since the Packers beat Detroit last Thursday.

Ironically, or perhaps not, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer told reporters of his own experience at a McDonald's on Monday evening after practice.

"I went to McDonald's on my way home because I was hungry and I ordered two cheeseburgers, but I only got one," Zimmer joked with reporters. "That's the kind of week it's been."

Hmmm? Coincidence? Maybe, or maybe a few jovial Packer fans are having a little fun at the Vikings expense.

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