Parker torches Rubio, Spain fall to France in EuroBasket semifinal

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Ricky Rubio got his fame in international competition against top point guards.

Today, Tony Parker showed Rubio that what comes around, goes around.

In a semifinal at EuroBasket 2013, Parker lit Rubio up to the tune of 32 points, leading France to a 75-72 overtime win against Spain, sending the French side to the final of the 19-day competition against Lithuania.

To be fair to Rubio, who put up just two points and one assist, the Wolves point guard and Parker weren't matched up most of the game, as Rubio only played 15 minutes.

Parker played 37, shooting 11/19 from the field and 8/9 from the line. In an interview yesterday, Rubio admitted he had no idea how to stop Parker, adding that it may not be possible.


Rubio and Spain will play in the bronze medal game against Croatia Sunday.

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