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Patterson: I'll be a top five playmaker in '14


Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson is setting some lofty goals for his second season in the NFL.

According to, Patterson is set to explode in 2014.

During a recent episode of NFL Fan Pass, NFL Media's Akbar Gbajabiamila asked if Patterson thought he could be a top-five receiver in 2014.

While Patterson didn't put himself into that top-shelf of pass-catchers, he did say he is dynamic with the ball in his hands.

"I'm going to be a top-five playmaker," Patterson said. "I'm a playmaker, I like to make plays. Like I tell them, just get the ball in my hands I feel like I'm special with it. I just like to do special things with the ball."

Patterson scored nine touchdowns as a rookie. He caught four touchdown passes, he scored three rushing and two returning kicks.

The 23-year-old Vikings receiver believes he can make a game-changing play every time he touches the ball.

Pro Football Talk reports that Patterson has been working on his route running with offensive coordinator Norv Turner during the offseason in order to make himself into a more complete receiver.

Last year he averaged just 10.4 yards per catch overall,because he made many of his 45 catches close to the line of scrimmage. But Turner's offense should put Patterson in more positions to hurt the defense as his skills improve.

That message was shared by the Vikings other receiver, Greg Jennings. Last month Jennings said he believes that Patterson will be featured in the Vikings new offense.

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