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Pekovic presser: Wolves center never considered anywhere but Minnesota


If Ricky Rubio is adorable, and trust is, he is adorable, then consider Wolves center Nikola Pekovic as the gentle giant of this Minnesota squad.

There were a number of hilarious moments from Pekovic's, uhh, re(?)-introductory press conference to the media today which also included President of Basketball Operations Flip Saunders.

Between Pek's thick Serbian accent, his love for Minnesota, and his built in sense of humor, there were bound to be a few memorable moments. These are unedited, and exactly how they were said by Pek in the presser announcing his new five-year deal.

When was the last time you wore a suit? "Probably the last game of last year because I didn't play."

He was advised to consider other options: "No, want to stay here."

Any pressure with raised expectations? "I won’t try to do crazy stuff, just do what I do.”

You said last year you haven't been happier playing basketball, do you expect that to continue? “Only thing if basketball player when you happy, is when you winning games.”

What makes you love it here so much? “Since I got here, everybody so nice, really really nice, I just feel comfortable, and fishing is great.”

Flip: “His parents get on the internet and watch every game, two or three in the morning sometimes, there may be no greater fans of the Wolves than Pek’s parents, maybe you can bring them some extra Wolves gear.” Pek: "Only if Clayton gives to me (equipment manager Clayton Wilson)."

There were a few moments where Nikola got a little more somber when talking about missing the upcoming FIBA EuroBasket 2013 championships, where he was scheduled to represent his home country of Serbia and Montenegro in the battle for country supremacy on the court.

Does it bother you missing the upcoming European championships: “It’s a big deal, because my country is really small, they were counting on me, but said the last day I could come was August 5, now they say I can’t play because I won’t fit in with team. I’ll miss it because I love my country.”

Humorous throughout, but also touching moments showing the big man's softer side. Pek has it all, including $60 million bucks.

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