People are both happy for, and perplexed by, Corey Brewer's 51-point night

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Corey Brewer scored 51 points in a win against the Rockets Friday night. A career-high for the former Florida Gator, and equal to the franchise record for most points in a game.

And now everyone is trying to figure out how he did it.

ESPN Stats & Info asked is Brewer is "the most unlikely 50-point scorer ever?" He's the most experienced player ever (now in his seventh year) to score 50 points in a game after never having reached the 30-point mark before, the story says. His career average for points per game is now 10.0, the fifth-lowest average for a 50-point scorer.

Throw in his six steals against the Rockets, and Brewer joins some elite company.

SBNation called it "bizarre" and "weird," even providing some historical context in the form of a chart that measures Friday's performance against all of his other scoring totals.

Even other players are weighing in. And while some are surprised, most are just happy for the guy who can't seem to stop smiling.

How did Brewer himself feel about it? He told the Timberwolves' web editor, “I was just playing – I wasn’t thinking about it until someone said you have 44, you could get 50 tonight. I was like, OK, whatever, then I actually got 50.”

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