Percy Harvin: Keep or trade?


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Percy Harvin a New England Patriot?

Thanks to WAD1980 on Twitter, here's what that would look like:

Of course, the Vikings have yet to pull that trigger, but according to weekend reports, Harvin is clearly on the trading block.

Reaction to this rivals the latest Pope news (not really), but the Internet is heating up with Percy-talk.

Let's start with the mega-popular Purple Jesus Diaries blog, which is unhappy with the news: "That's what this team needs, is LESS good receivers!" That was the few lines without a ton of swearing ... so be warned when you click into that one.

At the Daily Norseman blog, Christopher Gates wonders who the Vikings might get in return for Harvin: "There are going to be folks that think that the Vikings should be demanding a first-round pick for Harvin ... but the Vikings aren't going to get that."

At Fox Sports North, Brian Hall says it's time to get rid of Harvin right now: "Can the Vikings, knowing his penchant for blowups and injuries, afford to pay Harvin the money he will desire?"

Reading between the lines, KFAN's A.J. Mansour cites an interview with GM Rick Spielman had with Paul Allen last week. Asked if Harvin and Spielman had been fighting off the field, Spielman said: "We love Percy Harvin as a football player."

'Nuff said?

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