Perfect bracket will win $1 million at Running Aces

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If you haven't heard of Warren Buffet's offer of $1 billion to anyone who picks a perfect NCAA tournament bracket, you probably don't have the internet, watch TV or talk to anyone. Or you don't care about basketball, which is fine, too.

With the bulk of the tournament action set to begin on Thursday, fans are running out of time to fill out their brackets and enter the competition. But while millions of people are expected to fill out a bracket for Buffet's billion, far fewer people will compete for a chance to win $1 million from Running Aces Harness Park and Card Room.

“March Madness is a major social event, we wanted to increase the stakes for our guests and basketball fans,” Running Aces Aaron Bedessem said in a press release. “The Minnesota Million will be the biggest event for the NCAA tournament in the Midwest.”

All you have to do is fill out a perfect bracket. It can't be that hard, can it? Actually, mathematicians estimate the odds of filling out the perfect bracket are one in nine quintillion. That's a nine with 18 zeros behind it.


The "MegaPenny Project" actually did the research and put to scale what a quintillion pennies would look like next to the Empire State Building. They say that a quintillion pennies laid out flat like a carpet would cover the surface of the earth twice.

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The good news is that if a perfect bracket isn't picked, the best bracket will win $5,000. If the million-dollar jackpot is won, the winner will receiver a series of payments over a 40-year period.

The deadline to submit a bracket strikes tonight at 11:59 p.m. Entrants can pick up a bracket at Running Aces, which is located off of Interstate 35 about 20 minutes north of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Columbus.

If you don't want to win $1 million, copy my bracket.

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