Perkins hopes offseason workouts help shake back troubles


Injuries have brought an early end to the last two seasons for Minnesota Twins closer Glen Perkins.

Neck and back problems flared up and caused Perkins late-season struggles in both 2014 and 2015. So Perkins was looking for a new way to train in the offseason.

Perkins told reporters that after three months of core strengthening his back is feeling much better. He said he really won't know if the adjustments work until sometime in July.

Perkins converted his first 28 save opportunities last season, making the American League All-Star team, but just after the break he was tagged with three losses and blew two saves.

According to the Associated Press, the left-handed closer says he is still bothered by how he finished last season. Perkins said he thinks the Twins would have made the playoffs if he could have stayed healthy.

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