Perkins thinks he'll stay a Twin through trade deadline


It's a Glen Perkins kind of day.

The Minnesota Twins All-Star closer told Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press today that he is confident he will not be traded before the July 31 trade deadline following conversations he had with Twins GM Terry Ryan Saturday.

This comes on the heels of Minnesota refusing to talk contract extension with first baseman Justin Morneau for the second time this year. Some have speculated that a trade may be next.

With the Twins recent run of poor form, having lost 17 of 21 before winning their final two games against the Yankees this past weekend, the popular thought is they would be sellers of pieces like Perkins and Morneau. You won't find many that disagree.

16 days and counting until we find out what the Twins will do, last year at this same time, they didn't trade slugger Josh Willingham, a decision that has bitten them in the rear end so far this season.

Perhaps they've learned their lesson.

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