Personal foul: Fan collects 4 baseballs at Twins game

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Some of us may have schlepped to enough baseball games and bleak Twins years - and this is one of the bleakest - to merit getting just one lousy foul ball. And some of us may have even had the opportunity once or twice, only to have the horsehide slip through our hands.

But not Scott Johnson. Maybe he's been to thousands of games, or maybe just one, but he has this: Four foul balls. From one game. Last night at Target field.

That's the word from Fox Sports North, which notes, "He barely had to move in most cases, too, as the foul balls were hit right to him." Lucky duck.

How lucky? Even the hardened scribes who cover the game for a living were amazed. Check out what La Velle E. Neal III of the Star Tribune has to say about it: "Fans couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it. I have friends who have been to dozens of Twins games through the years and have not caught one."

Okay, so there's some debate as to whether someone passed him the first one. But according to accounts, Johnson got three the old fashioned way: They were hit right to him. And he gave two to his daughters - but of course he's going to do that.

But FOUR? Well, it probably says as much about attendance at Target Field (announced 21,000 - the fans in the stands were more spare than even that) as Johnson's luck.

But one word to Johnson: That's it, dude. You're done. Let the rest of us have a shot.

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