Peterson had 2 of the NFL's top 10 'beastly' plays in 2015


NFL Network unveiled a fun list on Tuesday: The top 10 "Beastly" plays from the 2015 season.

Guess who made the list twice? Yes, it's Adrian Peterson.

You can watch the video here (the NFL doesn't allow other sites to embed their videos), but we were able to track down some decent videos of both of Peterson's beastly efforts.

Number four on the list was Peterson's 43-yard touchdown run against the Chargers, where he stiff-armed one guy and broke another tackle after tiptoeing the sideline. Number 10 on the list was Peterson's catch and run/drag in the season opener against the 49ers.

Both of those highlights are in this Peterson highlight reel. The run against the 49ers is at the 45-second mark and the run against the Chargers comes at the 3:15 mark.

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