Peterson: 'I will break' the NFL rushing record


Adrian Peterson made the media rounds from Clear Channel's radio station headquarters in St. Louis Park, MN on Tuesday.

His tour began with a 30-minute visit in front of a live-studio audience on Paul Allen's show on KFAN-FM 100.3. Listen to the full interview here. In it, Peterson says he believes the Vikings have the "pieces" to win a Super Bowl.

Later in the morning, Peterson chatted with the Dan Patrick Show and once again said he will eventually break the NFL's All-Time rushing record.

Peterson also jumped online for an "ask-me-anything" session with Reddit -- a social online community. Here are a few of his answers, courtesy of the Pioneer Press. Check out his full Reddit chat right here.

On the toughest challenge he's faced:

"toughest challenge was losing my brother at a young age. i was age of 7. just holding him and seeing it happen, it happened right in front of me. holding him, trying to call his name and he wan't responding. at the time he was braindead but i didnt know. that was the toughest thing to deal with but it was the one thing that made me who i am."

On a subreddit page called "The Church of Purple Jesus":

"mixed emotions. thats pretty funny but im a big on faith. i dont really like to be called purple jesus because there's only one. i get what theyre sayin though."

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