Peterson on playing for Texas team: 'Wow, it would be cool'


Adrian Peterson appeared on ESPN radio's SVP and Rusillo Wednesday, and admitted that he's always wondered what it would be like to play in his home state of Texas.

From Ben Goessling of ESPN: "Being from Texas, I've always wondered, wow, it would be cool to play in Dallas, to play back home. Or to play in Houston."

Before Vikings fans find the nearest tall building, a few things should be noted.

Peterson's contract is good through 2017, which would put him at 32 years-old. While AP is an outrageous talent that constantly defies the laws of nature, the universal age for running back decline is 30, so Minnesota has the reigning MVP locked up through what would be considered a normal running back's prime.

Also, in the same interview, Peterson also expressed the desire to stay with the same team his entire career, saying it would be "amazing" to "be on of those players."

We're quite sure the Vikings would agree with that last statement.

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