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PGA Championships will move to May – will Hazeltine be ready?

The move could spell trouble for midwest courses.

The PGA Championships will be held in May – and not August – starting in 2019, according to the Associated Press.

This means midwest courses like Hazeltine National Golf Course in Chaska, Minnesota, and Whistler Straits in Wisconsin could be in jeopardy of hosting the annual event.

GolfDigest reported on Monday that both courses would likely be unable to hold a future PGA tournament so early in the season.

However Bob Fafinsky, president of Hazteltine, told the Star Tribune that he believes the course will be ready. 

“I don’t know what source is telling the Associated Press this," Fafinsky said. "But we have not been told that playing the PGA Championship in May would eliminate us from hosting it."

Hazeltine most recently held the Ryder Cup in 2016 and has held 12 major tournaments since 1966. 

It will be just the second time since 1971 that the annual Championship will not be played in August. 

A big reason for the move is so the PGA tour can finish their season by Labor Day before the NFL season is in full swing.

Also, Golf is now back at the Summer Olympics, which means players will be able to play in the games without conflicting majors in the way.

A formal announcement from the PGA is expected to be announced on Tuesday.

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