Philip Nelson's attorney seeks beating victim's medical records


An attorney for former Minnesota Gophers quarterback Philip Nelson, who is accused of assaulting another football player in May, wants access to the victim's medical records, the Mankato Free Press reports.

Nelson and another man, Trevor Shelley, face felony assault charges stemming from a confrontation they had with Isaac Kolstad, a former football player at Minnesota University, Mankato, which left Kolstad with a severe brain injury.

The criminal complaint says that in the early hours of May 11, Shelley punched Kolstad, 24, knocking him down. Witnesses told investigators Kolstad's head hit the concrete hard when he fell. After he was on the ground, apparently unconscious, Nelson allegedly kicked Kolstad in the head.

Nelson's attorney, Jim Fleming, wants CT scans of Kolstad's brain that were taken at Mayo Clinic Health Systems in Mankato shortly after the incident.

Fleming said he needs the scans to learn more about Kolstad's injuries, specifically whether the punch and the fall the ground or the kick to his head caused the most damage to Kolstad's brain, the Free Press reports.

"I'm still trying to evaluate the case," Fleming said, according to the Free Press. "This is my investigation phase. I'm trying to uncover more information about this young man's injuries."

A judge has scheduled a hearing Monday to consider Fleming's request for the medical records, the Associated Press reports.

Kolstad was hospitalized for about six weeks after the incident and underwent several surgeries. In late June he was moved to a rehabilitation facility. His family recently reported he is saying a few simple words and walking short distances.

Nelson played two seasons as quarterback for the Minnesota Gophers, and was planning to transfer to Rutgers University this fall. Shortly after the incident came to light, Nelson was dismissed from the Rutgers football team.

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