Philly writer wants to see the 76ers trade Noel for Rubio

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Nerlens Noel for Ricky Rubio?

That's the trade that Philadelphia Inquirer writer John Smallwood wants to see happen.

"A Noel for Rubio trade actually works for both teams.

Noel’s much-touted strength is that as a rim protector, something Thibodeau would value. Noel’s averages of 10.5 points, 8.1 rebounds and 1.7 blocks are all slightly better than T-Wolves anticipated starting center Gorgui Dieng's.

Noel, however, is four years younger than Dieng.

Noel, who likely would not fit playing with Embiid or Okafor, however, would be a nice complement to rookie-of-the-year power forward Karl-Anthony Towns."

It's appears that Rubio is on the trading block. Not only did an unnamed general manager tell Sporting News that Rubio's days in Minnesota are numbered, so did top shelf NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski. Wojnarowski isn't Tom Thibodeau or Scott Layden, so he doesn't know everything, but when Woj speaks people listen.

Noel might be the odd man out in Philly with Jahlil Okafor entering his second season and center Joel Embiid perhaps ready to play after missing his first two seasons because of injuries.

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