Photo: Favre has more beard and muscle than anyone


Brett Favre's agent Bus Cook, back in September, made a comment that Brett Favre could play in the NFL to this day, and do so at a higher level that most quarterbacks still in the game.

"His arms look like a blacksmith's arms," Cook said. "He rides a bike probably 30-50 miles a day. He runs four or five miles a day. He's coaching at the high school and they're undefeated. He loves it. His body fat is 7.5 percent and he weighs 225 pounds. He could play today, better than a lot of them out there today.''

Apparently he was looking pretty buff, but nobody got a look at the former Vikings gunslinger until he made an appearance on NFL Network on Super Bowl Sunday.

Apparently he's still biking and he doesn't feel like shaving that silver blanket off his face. The Big Lead says Favre "looks like a character from 'Lost,' but with Popeye arms."

Michael Rand of the Star Tribune says Favre looks like a "muscular Santa."

Whatever you want to compare him to, just don't challenge him to a fight. That man looks tough!

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