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Pinto's been a gas up in the majors - who is he again?


If you have packed up the cabin and deserted Twins Territory for the fall - and who can blame you - you might have missed Minnesota's latest no-name phenom.

Actually, his name's Josmil Pinto, and he's been lighting up major league pitching enough garner notice around the league, with MLB Nation highlighting him in its Bright Future Series.

All he's done is gone 13 for 23 in his first MLB at bats, for a .565 average, with an on-base percentage of .600 and a .900 slugging percentage.

Gaudy numbers, sure. Small sample size, misleading numbers - yeah, that too. And how many "phenoms" have come and gone for the season (yes, Aaron Hicks, we're mainly talking about you.)

The Pioneer Press recounts the three doubles he had in Monday's win against the Angels, and a foul ball he hit off the windows in the upper deck of left field foul territory. Says Liam Hendricks: "He's crushing the ball right now."

Okay, but this certainly can't last. But, Michael Rand of the Star Tribune puts some pretty good spin on Pinto's power numbers.

And Minor League Ball traces his numbers back to when he first signed with the Twins, in 2006.

So, if the kid is for real, it might have bigger repercussions for the team. Pinto is a rough but decent catcher, and can DH. That makes Ryan Doumit expendable, as the Twins suddenly have catchers coming out from all over the place.

It also, of course, might free up Joe Mauer to play half the time at first base, which would mean a Justin Morneau return in the off season is less likely.

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