Players gonna play, haters gonna hate, Big Ten mascots ... do this


The Big Ten Conference is delving back into the waters of the music video world with a splashy performance of a popular Swiftian ditty.

If you don't mind getting Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" stuck in your head for awhile, check it out:

The Big Ten released it this week, editorializing that the conference is home to the country's best mascots. And the video seems to have hit a sweet spot with some viewers.

As it's been digitally passed around, most media outlets have offered little in the way of annotation, commentary, or analysis. There are a couple of exceptions, though. The Washington Post gives a shout out to the U of M's Goldy Gopher (and Nebraska's Herbie Husker) for offering a physical interpretation of the song's lyrics. In Goldy's case that meant holding a sign when Taylor sings of going on too many dates, and riding in his go-cart when she mentions cruising.

SB Nation goes one further by including GIFs from the video in its analysis to illustrate its conclusions. Goldy, they say, needs Tinder. At least that's better than Purdue Pete, who was deemed scary and lecherous.

Sports Illustrated points out that while the conference now has 14 member schools, only eight mascots appear in the video. Three schools apparently declined to participate and another three don't have mascots.

Has the Big Ten ever done anything like this before? Maybe.

As for Goldy, he's got hardware to prove his mascotting skills. Our local rodent is a two-time winner in the mascot division at the national championships for college cheerleading and dance teams.

For more Goldilicious entertainment – and help getting "Shake It Off" out of your head – scroll to the bottom of this page and enjoy the Gold One's secret agent routine.

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