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Players protest after 7-time state champion volleyball coach is fired

Boelter was told that he was mistreating his players.

Members of Bethlehem Academy's high school volleyball team were on Tuesday among a group of students holding up signs to protest the firing of their longtime volleyball coach.

Franz Boelter was fired last Friday after 26 years as the school's volleyball coach, putting an end to an incredible run that saw seven state championships, most recently in 2014. 

Why was he fired?

In a statement sent to KARE and KDHL Radio, Boelter said the school gave three reasons for his dismissal. 

  • Emotional mistreatment of student-athletes.
  • Lack of concern for all the players that are part of the program.
  • Failure as a coach to live up to the mission of the school in treating all students with dignity and respect.

Boelter added in his statement that Friday was the first time "EVER" those issues were presented to him. 

One of the volleball captains, Delaney Donahue, told KDHL Radio that Boelter was fired for "unjust manners." 

"He makes you work hard and helps you grow as a person," Donhue added. "He expects the best out of you and wants us to succeed."

Boetler is receiving a lot of support on a Facebook group called "Fight for Franz." As of Wednesday morning, the group had 645 members and 45 posts. 

Bethlehem Academy is a catholic school in Faribault, Minnesota. 

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