Police: Tiger Woods blew a .000; 'extremely slow and slurred speech'

Tiger Woods blew a .000 when he was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Tiger Woods was not drunk when he was arrested on suspicion of DUI early Monday morning in Jupiter, Florida.

According to the police report obtained by the Palm Beach Post, Woods was found asleep at the wheel of his 2015 Mercedes-Benz with the brake lights on and the right blinker flashing.

"Woods had extremely slow and slurred speech," the police report says, adding Woods struggled with roadside sobriety tests. He struggled to stand on one leg, touch his nose and walk heel-to-toe in a straight line.

You can view the police report here.

The police report backs up Woods' statement that he may have had an "unexpected reaction to prescribed medications." He added that he "didn't realize the mix of medications affected me so strongly."

The report listed four medications under the "medical conditions" section: Solarex, Vicodin, Torix and Vioxx, the last of which Woods hasn't taken this year.

Woods is due in court in July.

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