Poll: 56 percent of Vikings fans want Frazier fired after the season


Public Policy Polling released some interesting numbers on Thursday related to Minnesota sports teams.

  • 56 percent of Vikings fans want Leslie Frazier fired after the season. Only 27 percent of fans think Frazier should be retained following the season.
  • 27 percent of Vikings fans prefer Christian Ponder as the starting quarterback. Matt Cassel is supported by 25 percent of the fans while Josh Freeman garnered 22 percent of the vote. 26 percent were not sure.
  • 34 percent of Republicans selected Ponder as their choice at quarterback. 30 percent of democrats prefer Freeman.
  • 57 percent of Twins fans in Minnesota like having Ron Gardenhire as the manager.
  • 66 percent of Minnesotans are Twins fans. Only 57 percent of Minnesotans consider themselves Vikings fans.

As for Frazier, the 56 percent that want him fired might get their wish if NFL analysts like Mike Florio are correct.

Florio writes at ProFootballTalk.com that the decision to insert Freeman into the lineup before he was ready is very apparent now that he hasn't automatically been re-inserted into the starting role since being cleared from the concussion that kept him out of last week's game against Green Bay.

Barring an impressive win streak, Florio believes the Freeman mistake "could end up being bad enough to get everyone fired."

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