Poll: How many games will the Vikings win this season?


Deadspin's self-admitting Vikings fan Drew Magary joined the NFL Podcast for a week-by-week prediction of what the Vikings' will do in 2016. Magary, who's no stranger to ripping on the Vikings, thinks Teddy Bridgewater and company are going 12-4 this season.

Their losses, per Magary: Carolina, Arizona, Indy and Green Bay.

  • Week 1: at Tennesse WIN
  • Week 2: vs. Green Bay WIN
  • Week 3: at Carolina LOSS
  • Week 4: vs. NY Giants WIN
  • Week 5: vs. Houston WIN
  • Week 6: BYE WEEK
  • Week 7: at Philadelphia WIN
  • Week 8: at Chicago WIN
  • Week 9: vs. Detroit WIN
  • Week 10: at Washington WIN
  • Week 11: vs. Arizona LOSS
  • Week 12: at Detroit WIN
  • Week 13: vs. Dallas WIN
  • Week 14: at Jacksonville WIN
  • Week 15: vs. Indianapolis LOSS
  • Week 16: at Green Bay LOSS
  • Week 17: vs. Chicago WIN

If Magary is right, the Vikings will go on a six-game winning streak in the middle of the season – and they'll be 11-2 entering Week 15.

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