Ponder: 'I didn't play well enough...want to start here or somewhere else'

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Another season is in the rear-view mirror for the Minnesota Vikings, and after a disappointing 5-10-1 campaign, it's the time of the year for players and coaches to re-evaluate what went wrong.

Christian Ponder did that today, and admitted shortcomings in a FOX Sports North piece.

"It was definitely an interesting year, and not the way that I thought it would play out or probably anyone wanted it to play out. So with my job, I didn't play well enough to keep the job and for us to win as many games as we should have. So, it stinks knowing that was a contribution to what happened (Frazier's firing)."

While that isn't taking full responsibility for the former head coach's firing, it sounds like Ponder feels a bit saddened knowing he had something to do with it.

Frazier, always a professional, once again backed Ponder last week, saying he still believes the three-year pro has a chance in the NFL.

Ponder goes on to say he may pursue a future elsewhere should he not be given a chance to compete for the starting job in Minnesota, stating "ultimately, I want the chance to be a starter, whether that's here or somewhere else."

Ponder is under contract for one more season, and has amassed a 14-20-1 record as a starter for Minnesota.

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