Ponder on 49ers: 'We expect to win'

Vikings quarterback realizes the San Francisco 49ers will be an extremely difficult game for the Vikings to win Sunday, but he sounded confident while talking to KFAN's Paul Allen on Tuesday.
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Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder had nothing but props for Colts quarterback Andrew Luck Tuesday. Chatting with Vikes play-by-play man Paul Allen, Ponder said “things were going right” for Minnesota late in the game Sunday, but Luck was the better quarterback -- leading Indianapolis to a 23-20 win.

Ponder was also asked about throwing downfield more often. But he repeated what he said Monday, saying that he’s “not going to force anything that’s not there.” Ponder enters Week 3 against San Francisco with a 75 percent completion rating...tops in the NFL.

Ponder on other topics:

Facing the 49ers: "We expect to win ... but we know it's going to be a tough one. We're looking forward to playing them."

Percy Harvin's toughness: "We expect that he's going to make it all 16 games ... plus the playoffs."

On what he can do to improve his game: "I can be better in the pocket. Two fumbles? That’s not going to win too many games. Right now I've been scrambling to run and I need to keep my eyes down field and scramble to throw."

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