Ponder post-game: 'Never did we think that we'd start off 0-3'

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Sunday morning, on my walk to the Metrodome, I encountered a puppy Golden Retriever. It raised its head, and had a stick in its mouth. I recognized the look right away.

"Looks like Ponder on 3rd-and-7," I said to the dog walker, noting the odd cuteness involved in his dog's prowess and ultimate confusion.

"Totally," the guy shrugged, and then walked on. The puppy had already forgotten about me.

Then, on my evening walk home from the Old Home Dome, or whatever it's called these days, manna from heaven.

Not a Christian Ponder Hail Mary that we had come to expect even from Tommy Kramer, even from Wade Wilson, even from Bob Lee ... but several people from Jimmy John's trying to give away boxfuls - yes, boxfuls - of turkey sandwiches.

Of course, I took three - sandwiches, not boxes - and stuffed them in my laptop bag.

Then one Jimmy John's dude started yelling something that seemed funny, but probably wasn't, and started tossing sandwiches, no-look-style, to a crowd that seemingly had better hands than Joe Webb, John Carlson, or even Kyle Rudolph.

"Hey, you're better than Ponder, man!" came a rather predictable, but no less poignant, mouthful-of-shaved-turkey cry. That dude was wearing a Ponder jersey, perhaps too well aware of the irony.

All of that is a long way of saying Christian Ponder, good man and well-dressed chap as he is, said something about about the game right here, thanks to Vikings.com.

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