Ponder postgame: '1-6 is very disappointing'


Christian Ponder vowed earlier this week to not give back the starting job now that it was his again.

Sunday, all we saw was more of the same disappointing play from a quarterback that has underwhelmed since the day he was made the Vikings' first round pick in 2011.

He didn't have much to say after an ugly offensive performance in the Vikings 44-31 loss to rival Green Bay, here's the main takeaways.

"We gotta get this thing figured out and turned around, got a lot of corrections we have to make."

Challenges of coming in after being on the bench for several weeks? "Nothing, I felt fine when I was out there."

On why wide receiver Greg Jennings wasn't more of a target. "We called some plays and I'm trying to get it to the guys that are open. Guess he wasn't open."

"I expected to play better. Our expectation is to go out and win every game, we didn't meet expectations, I didn't meet expectations."

"We didn't do a good enough job converting on our third downs."

"I felt in-sync all week, thought it was a smooth transition from Josh (Freeman) to myself this week."

Could things go from bad to worse? "Its a slippery slope, we have to make sure the leadership on this team stays focused and in control of this team. We have to have this sense of urgency that things need to change."

Did you feel like this was one of your last chances out there? "I wasn't thinking about that, not thinking about it now."

Is there a QB competition? "I don't know."

"I thought things slowed down a little bit out there, I felt more relaxed."

What were they doing to take Jennings away? "I don't know, we didn't have that many plays."

An ugly press conference, which nearly ended after 45 seconds, after an ugly game, which some probably wish would've ended after 45 seconds.

Here's the full video of what Christian thought of the 13-point loss.

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