Ponder postgame: 'Feeling of disappointment'


Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder rebounded from being pulled from Minnesota's game against Seattle last week with a good performance against Green Bay Sunday.

Unfortunately for Ponder and the Purple, it wasn't enough to win the game.

Here are Ponder's thoughts after the second tie in the history of Vikings-Packers.

"I've never been part of a tie game before, but the initial feelings are disappointment. It's a game we should've won as an offense, we had our chances to score touchdowns rather than field goals, but we didn't do it. There's so much to learn from this game, we have to get better on third downs and in the red zone."

"We didn't score points when we should've, we let it get out of our hands."

Were they doing anything differently in the fourth quarter and overtime on defense? "They weren't, they were playing better, hats off to them, they made some halftime adjustments I guess, its something we'll continue to grow from."

On starting next week: "I'm happy, excited I get another chance. I'm the guy that wants to be out there."

On letting last week effect him: "You gotta move on, we have one game a week, and if you let things simmer and focus on them you're not going to play as effectively the next game."

"My first tie ever, we can't have any turnovers, we just have to play better."

"Proud of the way everyone played until the very last second of the game."

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