Ponder postgame: 'We have seven games to put ourselves in the playoff picture'


Christian Ponder set a franchise record for completion percentage tonight in Minnesota's 34-27 win over Washington.

OK, it was just a Vikings completion percentage record against the Redskins, put impressive nonetheless.

Ponder was driven from the game in the third quarter with a dislocated shoulder, but was in good spirits after the game, the first win for Minnesota in a game started by Ponder this year.

"Decided to wear the sling for dramatic effect, want you guys to feel bad for me."

"I'm just proud of the way we played. Fought to the end."

"We needed this one bad, and I expect us to play that way for the rest of the year, it's a good feeling."

On the severity of the injury: "I don't know, my expectations are I'll be back next week. I'm going to do everything I can to be back next Sunday."

"I got hit hard on the right side, the impact on the ground caused it to come out of place."

"It was frustrating, not a good feeling, but knowing if I wasn't able to go, Cassel has done a great job this whole year. We were in good hands."

"The athletic training staff made a good decision to not let me go back in."

"I was lobbying to get back in, I was able to move it fine after they popped it back in place, but it was smart for me not to go."

On John Carlson: "Took advantage of the opportunity, played an exceptional game. For a guy that battled injuries and never got into a grove last year, glad he had a great game."

"Bill (Musgrave) is doing a great job of devising plays."

"We have seven games to go out and put ourselves in the playoff picture."

"Winning is a great feeling, it cures all, the year is far from over."

"Thought I played decent, missed a couple throws in the first half, but I think I played better in the second half."

Those quotes on the playoffs and Musgrave are real, just listen here to the the full presser with Christian and you can hear for yourself.

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