Pop quiz: Can you name the last 12 Viking QBs?


Think you know your Minnesota Vikings football? Looking for a serious time-waster at work?

Then you, dear reader, have come to the right place, here at BringMeTheNews sports!

ESPN is taking the recent Viking Quarterback-a-Rama one step further with a great little quiz: Can you name the last 12 quarterbacks to play for the Vikings? We did okay, getting eight out of 12 in the three minutes allowed, but surely you can do better. Or not. Some real embarrassments in there.

Take the quiz here.

Speaking of quarterbacks, which we seem to be doing every minute of every day here lately, whatever happened to Vince Young?

Good question, and one that he's pondering himself. Pro Football Talk points out that with all the quarterback shuffling going on in the NFL, no one has called Vince Young, who was last seen wearing a Packer uniform this pre-season.

Note to Vikings GM Rick Spielman: Sign him! Let's go for lucky 13!

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