Possible NFL changes: Playoffs on Friday and Monday; no more extra point

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Football fans are having to come to terms with the fact that the game they grew up with is changing, and may soon be a completely different product than they've grown to know and love.

The league's slow burn on the game's purists has already included instant replay, reducing kickoffs to a mere formality, and eliminating hits above the shoulders.

Not to say these changes are for the better or worse, they're just different.

More change may be coming, as news comes today that eliminating extra points may be considered by commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL's competition committee.

Rather than touchdowns being six points, they would be seven, and more strategy would be involved after that, with teams either taking their seven points or going for a conversion, the result of which would either add a point to the team's total or take one away should they fail on the conversion.

The other possible change that came to the forefront today would only take place should the NFL end up expanding the playoffs, something that is under serious consideration according to Goodell.

The commissioner confirmed today that the most likely expansion would be to 14 teams as opposed to the current format of 12, and that if that did happen, playoff games may be played Friday and/or Monday.

Goodell told the NFL Network that Wild Card weekend would most likely be the round of games effected by the changes, with six games being played rather than four.

Changes to the playoffs would likely wait until at least the 2015 season.

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