Potential world record Minnesota muskie catch caught on video

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Minnesota fishermen are notorious for telling "fish stories." Quite frequently they end with the one that got away and it seems over the years the size of the fish might increase with each time the story is told.

This isn't one of those fish stories.

Robert Hawkins – the owner of Bob Mitchell's Fly Shop in Lake Elmo – caught what could be a potentially record-setting muskie last week, and what's more, he caught it all on video.

Hawkins caught the ginormous 57 inch muskie while fly fishing on Mille Lacs Lake last week.

The fish had a girth of nearly 27 inches, weighed more than 50 pounds and could set the world record for the largest muskie ever caught while fly fishing.

"I didn't see the fish take the fly," Hawkins told the Star Tribune last week. "But when I felt her hit, I had a pretty good strip-set, I thought. Then, when I saw her turn sideways, I knew she was the biggest muskie I'd ever hooked."

And here's all the proof you'll ever need.


Hawkins didn't keep the fish to mount it on a wall or anything, he released it so it could live to do battle another day.

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