Prepared but unpredictable, the Vikings are ready for NFL Draft 2016

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The anticipation is now giving way to draft gamesmanship. Fans are giddy with excitement now that it's time to restock NFL teams with the NFL draft tomorrow.

Everywhere you turn, you can find mock drafts and speculation as to what the Vikings and every other NFL team will do when they are on the draft clock.

But when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings, if anything is predictable in the Rick Spielman draft era, it is his unpredictability. With just hours remaining until the three-day draft begins, Spielman is not showing his cards at all. Will he pick a wide receiver? A safety? The Star Tribune points out that only Spielman and his draft team know for sure.

What's clear is that outside of Vikings HQ, draft prognosticators from the NFL Network see the Purple pick being a pass catcher.

Closer to home, some reporters on the Vikings beat sense the return of "Trader" Rick to the draft. Spielman may be coy about his intentions but he has shown his ability to deal with the best of NFL General Managers.

Barring a trade, the Vikings will have the 23rd pick tomorrow night. The Los Angeles Rams get the first selection. It all begins at 7pm Thursday.

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