Prince's 'Little Red Corvette' is a ritual for the Minnesota Twins

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The veterans of Minnesota Twins make sure rookies feel welcome when they make it to the big leagues and they do so by making them sing Prince's "Little Red Corvette."

Check out this video the Twins posted of Torii Hunter and other Twins rookies from 2015 doing their best rendition of the classic song.

During a radio program called Players' Play List Hunter told GO 96.3 the tradition started when he was with the Angels and called on the younger players to stand up and sing the song.

So he brought the tradition with him when he came to Minnesota (about the 3:37 mark of the interview or right after "Little Red Corvette" if you want to listen).

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So Thursday after learning about Prince's death and after the Twins trounced Milwaukee 8-1, the Twins paid homage to Prince by blaring the same tune for their famous Twins Dance Parties.

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