Pro Football Focus: Freeman's performance worst ever


20 of 53, 190 yards, and an interception.

A 6.1 QBR, 40.6 QB rating, and NFL-low-since-2007 37 percent completion rate.

Those stats are horrific.

In fact, Pro Football Focus, a brilliant site dedicated to breaking down NFL games in-depth, says all that combined, along with other measurables, add up to the worst quarterback grade in the website's history, a -11.3.

Let's not fly off the handle thinking this is the worst QB start in the history of football. After all, a website can't exist without the internet, and the World Wide Web was created in 1980, with Pro Football Focus unveiling the grading of games in 2008.

So essentially, its the worst start of the last five NFL seasons, but you already knew that.

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