Pro grapplers outraged at Olympic decision to dump wrestling


In one corner, an unscripted sport, shunned by the International Olympic Committee. Wrestling isn't invited to the 2020 Games.

In the other corner, a totally scripted sport, coming to the defense of its freestyle/Greco-Roman cousins.

After the IOC dropped the bombshell Monday that wrestling shouldn't be listed as the 25 "core" Olympic sports six years from now, several members of the professional wrestling community expressed their outrage.

Kurt Angle, who won an Olympic gold medal in 1996, told FOX that it's a crazy move. "They’re keeping badminton and that sport where you jump on a trampoline, and they’re dropping wrestling. We're going to fight it."

Other pro grapplers agree with Angle::

Locally, KARE-TV's Eric Perkins, who hasn't missed covering an Olympics in many years, is just as baffled:

And from the Pioneer Press, Tom Powers suggests perhaps mixing pro wrestling and amateur wrestling as an Olympic alternative. As he puts it: "This would be a TV ratings bonanza. And the scenario isn't that much more far-fetched than the original Dream Team assembling from the four corners of the NBA."

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