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Probably very drunk, naked man runs onto field during Brewers game

This guy took his pants off and ran onto the field.

Maybe the half-naked man running on the field during Thursday's Brewers-Giants game in Milwaukee was inspired by Brett Favre's "pants on the ground" locker room chant with Percy Harvin and the 2009 Vikings?

Regardless, this dude took his pants and underwear, assuming he was wearing some, off and streaked on the field before getting tackled by fully-clothed security staff.

Deadspin has more photos of the incident, one of which you can see the guy laughing his ass off (pun intended) while laying on the ground with two security guards arresting him.

San Fran's TV guys described the scene while the camera crew avoided showing the action.

Announcer 1: "Clearly, by the way he was running, this guy started the tailgate party about at eight this morning."

Announcer 2: "And he left his pants there, apparently."

Announcer 1: "So you're saying this is an old-fashioned streaker? Wow! We're back in the 70's."

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